The fourth hackathon that I have been to, this hackathon is held at Western University. It is their third installment of the event called HackWestern III. This hackathon I have worked with random strangers from all over the province. Jayden Windle came from Carleton University, Taihyun Lee from University of Toronto, Fahad Ahmad from Brock University, and me from McMaster University.

This application was inspired by people going to hackathons, events, and meetups. These people exchanges contacts for the purpose of the event but rarely get back in touch. This application is the answer to that problem, it tracks the duration of your last conversation with your peers (with the option of blocking) and reminds you the absence of conversation. If you are lazy or do not know how to start a conversation, we have a function that does the typing for you, we called it the Lazy Typer function. Since we have to scramble up a demonstration at the end of the event, we use a simple tree diagram to determine the sentence you were going to use.

My contribution of the application was to code the interface of the application, so I have designed and picked a color palette that suits a social type of vibe.

chrome_2017-06-12_17-08-48I chose these colors because they are easy on the eyes, and know which action button to press when you need to find an action button on the interface. I also created the deck that was used for demonstration can be found here and Devpost link here. There are plans to make this application downloadable from the app-store. So there is a need to create a working website, intaking pre-alpha testers. The website is still in progress at the moment but the mock can be shown here.











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