During the hackathon with the pressure of demonstrating the product. The designer came up with a logo fit for the product.

chrome_2017-06-11_20-31-46.pngIt resembles a power button with cigarettes representing the action indicator “|” and added “S” which was inspired by the smoke from the cigarette.

After the Hackathon and a little bit of inspiration, I have decided to redesign the application with some alteration. Starting with the logo of the application, it needs to resemble the name of the product, SmokeFree

Smokefree logo

The new logo resembles the old logo by a lot in a sense that it is still a cigarette with smoke coming out of the other end. However, the cigarette has a thick line layer that resembles the letter F and the smoke resembles the letter S, hence the name SmokeFree.



The Wireframe of this app is as displayed above, it is a simple and clear what are the pathways for the user, and what will the user experience.


A small glimpse of the project, there is still a debate with the colour palette that was chosen but it is still in the experiment process. One can view the project through Figma with a link below.


This is an application that tracks your smoking habit involves a wearable device, we decided on the affordable Pebble smartwatch tech. We were given the wearable as a task to make a problem-solving solution with the device. So we came up with SmokeFree, an android based application that tracks your smoking habit with the accurate gyrometer readings from the Pebble smartwatch.

It is complemented with an Android application that consists of an interface that tracks and record your smoking habits. The application has options to help you set your goals, and does cost saving calculation on how much you have saved.




My contribution to this application is to run tests, using JUnit testing tool for the Java application. learning a new language C in the process to code an app on the Pebble smartwatch. Learning the tools were a challenge as I have to consistently look up functions and what do they do but eventually we successfully created an application enough to present at the demonstration phase in the hackathon.

This application collaborated with Nancy Du, Sylvester Chiang, and James Earle.

Hackathon Project

User Interface


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