McMaster Investment Research Club


From my previous logo design has taken a liking to a newly formed club, the MIRC or McMaster Investment Research Club. The president of the club offered me to design a logo as he has plans to make it a recognized club. His request for the logo is to look super edgy and abstract, and I find it difficult to synthesize what combination of “super edgy” and “abstract” logo will look like. through many sketches and coloring the prototypes. It was then finalized with Photoshop Illustrator program and the result was astonishing.


The font and color pallet are really important when it comes to designing a logo, I could not find the right font as I wanted to embed an uprising graph linking to “R”. So I have decided to create my own font using a grid to match their sizes and space accurately. The color palette I chose matches the color of our school (Maroon, Grey, Black, Gold), it is advised to not use too many colors in your logo, so I went with main colors to stand out as unique for our school.

MIRC brainstorming.JPG

The gray outline was used int he finalized logo as a request by the board members of the club to make it “Unique to McMaster ” and one was suggesting to incorporate the infamous big and heavy door entering the math building at McMaster University. The outline was inspired by the roof of Hamilton Hall, home of math students.


This picture has appeared in all of our course ware booklets, bulletin board announcement, updates and even on the website. Many math students can relate to this particular picture and students of McMaster can recognize that the club from this building.


ss (2017-02-13 at 02.28.29)

The logo was a success and it is now the official logo of the MIRC club. Looking back at this design there are improvements that it can be touched on and make the logo smoother on the edges, adding depth to the layers of the logo, and have a unique color combination.


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