Big Red Light

This app was named doctor hookup from the themed hackathon made by my team and me, it was Valentine’s day event and helping people in need. The app was later named Big Red Light.

The inspiration for this idea was to help victims who are incapable of explaining their conditions over the emergency line. Victims that suffer cardiac arrest, within that short conscious period of time often would often give out as much information and as fast as they can. In that panic phase, 9-1-1’s operator often advises you to calm down and speak clearly and that can be fatal to an isolated victim. That’s when this app comes into place, the user keys in their basic medical profile that can be used when help is needed. The profile consists of vital information such as age, blood type, and medical (2017-05-25 at 06.46.55).jpgss (2017-05-25 at 06.36.27)











As observed that a profile is to be filled in, and there is a big red button on the main page. This function is to send your medical profile as a text message to nearby medical professionals, first aiders, and your emergency contact. Many victims have been found dead alone in their homes because they could not help in time before they pass out. Life-threatening situations require medical attention right away, and certain rural parts of the country do not have the luxury of having medical facilities nearby. Time-sensitive diseases such as stroke can be very deadly and often times, you have a certified first aider nearby to keep you alive until the arrival of professionals. ss (2017-05-25 at 06.59.22)

My contribution to this app is making the messaging function to work properly with the app. I have done research on what languages and platform I can use, and stumbled upon Twilio. This platform has a simple framework that we could scramble in a demonstration at the end of the hackathon. Working with Twilio wasn’t easy, I had to learn how to create a server and encode the server with PHP coding. Twilio has then given a special key to the application that is unique to others. After 18 hours of learning, I have successfully made a working function for the application.

This app is then renamed to Big Red Light for the intended purpose. The project has collaborated with Justin Licari, Mushahid Khan, and Harit Patel.




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